Welcome to the Spanish Goat Conservation Society.

We are Spanish goat producers coming together to promote Spanish goats as a viable and sustainable meat goat while at the same preserving and promoting the diverse genetic gene pool of the

Heritage Breed Spanish Goat that is now on the Conservation Watch List.

Breeders trusting breeders to Verify and maintain a source of Spanish genetics,

as well as manage a DNA Registry of Spanish Goats.
We are proud to ensure the most efficient and hardy goat in the United States of America.

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This page explains our Mission for Safeguarding Spanish goats,

the issues we face, and our Solutions for Ensuring the Success of our Goals.


You Will Find information on:

  • Breeder/Herd ID Application

  • DNA Registration

  • SGCS Certified Spanish Herds


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DNA Registered

Goat List

This Page lists DNA Registered goats. 

  • DNA Registered Goat - DNA on File with UC Davis under SGCS Account

  • SGCS Certified Spanish Herd - 5 DNA Registered Does and 1 DNA Registered Buck.

  • Certified Spanish Goat - Dam and Sire are DNA Registered.

Breeder List

This page lists those breeders who have been verified as Spanish Goat Breeder/Herds!

Becoming a Listed Breeder:

  • Breeder/Herd ID Application.

  • Annual membership Fee.

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A Word About Us

In 2007 there were a handful of known Spanish goat breeders. Today there are well over 200 verified and certified listed Spanish breeders. There are a few large foundation bloodline ranches, many meat producing ranches, and others who are interested in producing breeding stock and conserving the breed. However, the Spanish goat is still on the Livestock Conservation Watch List.

The issues we encounter are that a number of folks confuse Spanish with goats "born in Texas," assume they are the same as common "brush and brier" goats, as well as the large number of percentage Spanish goats that are being bought and sold as  Spanish breeding stock. We have goat brokers buying large quantities of goats off of ranches "assumed" Spanish as well as cull animals from Auction Houses/Sale barns and selling them as Spanish breeding stock. We also deal with the forum of misinformation and self promotion that Facebook offers and the resulting splitting off of breeders. Finally, traditional management practices of other breeds are habits hard to break, and the genetic diversity and traits of the Spanish are falling to the wayside for meatier, bigger goats. This push is also pushing what makes Spanish goats such a treasure!


The treasured genetics of Spanish goats are that they are extremely hardy and adaptable in all climate and management conditions. Spanish nannies are exceptional mothers. As a rule they are parasite tolerant, excellent foragers, and they have healthy hooves. Spanish goats do not require grain to thrive and grow into profitable meat goats. The fact that meat producers recognize the qualities of Spanish goats is also a reason they are on the watch list.  The population of Spanish goats is growing at an alarmingly slow rate; bucks go to slaughter, and does go to large commercial meat producers for crossbreeding with other faster growing, meatier goat breeds for an optimum meat goat, as well as, recipes for other breeds' production systems. 


The vision of the Spanish Goat Association in 2007 was that Spanish breeders did not need a registry, rules, dues and association politics. We believed that all we needed was a source website, a list of verified breeders, a for sale page, and the integrity of our breeders to ensure the continuation of the pure Spanish genetics. However, the issues we face and the growing visibility of the Spanish goat has brought us to a crossroads.


As a result, the Spanish Goat Conservation Society (SGCS) has been created. This is a not for profit society which is committed to promoting, conserving and safeguarding the genetic diversity of Spanish goats. SGCS is a body of breeders who are aligned in a vision and willing to cooperate with dues, guidelines and agreements in order to track, verify and maintain a source list of Spanish producers and their available goats for the purpose of ensuring the purge genetics of the breed. In addition, we have created a DNA Registry in order to build a DNA database to support our efforts to track Spanish genetics.  The registry does not ensure the best Spanish goat, but rather it is a way to support preservation and give the buyer a little more confidence in the face of our challenges to ensure our breed. 


We invite you to join us in our mission!

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