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Are the Spanish Goat Association and the Spanish Goat Conservation Society Connected?

The Spanish Goat Association (SGA) was created in 2007 by Leslie Edmundson and Dr. Phil Sponenberg.  The SGA was created as a resource website. There are no dues, fees, policies or agreements. Many issues have arisen over the years that the Spanish Goat Association was not created to address. The Spanish Goat Conservation Society was created to address these issues and to raise money to support the breeders and promotional and educational efforts necessary to safeguard the treasured genetics of the Spanish goat.


Why should I join the Spanish Goat Conservation Society?

  • To support our efforts to address the issues we are facing.

  • To assist us  in verifying Spanish Goat Herds and tracking goats.

  • To bring confidence to the prospective buyers of Spanish goats.

  • We believe it is in the best interest of the future genetic diversity of Spanish goats.

  • To support our efforts to promote Spanish goats as a viable meat goat option.


What are the issues?

  • People confuse Spanish goats with “Goats born in Texas,” and “brush and brier” goats.

  • Large numbers of percentage Spanish goats are being bought and sold, creating confusion over percentages.

  • The population of Spanish goats is not growing; we need to pay attention.

  • The attributes of the Spanish goat are recognized by commercial meat producers, and they are crossing large populations of Spanish does with their other breeds for an optimum meat goat.

  • Spanish does are known for their mothering and milk and are beings used as recipes for other breeds rather than for breeding Spanish.

  • Traditional management practices of other breeds are habits hard to break by breeders getting into breeding Spanish. The genetic diversity and traits of the Spanish are falling to the wayside as producers drive for a meatier, bigger goat. This drive is also driving out what makes Spanish goats such a treasure!

  • Goat brokers are going to Sale Barns/Auction Houses and purchasing known Spanish culls and selling them as Spanish breeding stock.

  • Because we did not issue Herd ID’s in the Spanish Goat Association, or ask folks to send ear tag numbers on goats, we have  no real way to track goats or herds.

  • Following the established verifying system is antiquated for the number of breeders and buyers at this time, and therefore, their is a need for an updated system.


What is the Solution?

  • Breeder/Herd ID applications give us the information we need to track breeders and their herds.

  • Breeder/Herd ID listed on the Bill of Sale, as well as the individual goats' listed Scrapie and/or farm Ear Tags will help us track the goats and verify their origin was not the sale barn as a cull.

  • Micro chips will greatly help us follow goats and support buyers to trust their purchases. 

  • A photo of your herd and a paragraph write up can be viewed on the site, facilitating a pairing of right producer to right buyer.


  • Why Registration and DNA Collection ~ what are the benefits?

  • It is our goal to safeguard the genetic diversity of Spanish goats.

  • We have worked hard to determine a way to do this and DNA collection has been the answer.

  • DNA collection gives us the information we need to track and monitor Spanish goats and their genetics.

  • UC Davis has agreed to undertake the task of the feasibility of creating markers to determine Spanish goat DNA.

  • It helps us build pedigrees and DNA information on our database for all to see.

  • Everyone will be able to view a full side view photo of the goat, it's pedigree, and learn about the breeding farm.

  • We believe that verified DNA registration will Bring more confidence to your buyer.

  • We understand and respect that large herds and commercial meat producers will not register all their goats due to the expense, time, and energy in getting it done. However, we do hope they will register a sample of their most treasured.


How does registration work?

1. Submit a Breeder/Herd ID Application and $30 Annual Membership Fee.

2. After review and membership acceptance you have a VERIFIED herd and an Breeder/Herd ID.

3. If you wish to DNA Register goats then submit a DNA Application.

4. We will walk you through the whole process and give you everything you need to get the job done.

5. Five DNA registered does and 1 DNA registered buck meets the qualifications for a SGCS Certified Spanish Herd.

5. The total cost to achieve the Registered Herd Certification and have 6 DNA Registered goats, including 1 year's membership, all material, supplies, fees and shipping is $290.

Are you doing this to make a profit?

  • We have filed for 501(C)5 status (Not for Profit).

  • Our membership dues barely cover our expenses and the registry has been prices to cover expenses.

  • The Administrator/Registrar is a volunteer.

  • Any remaining capital will go towards marketing and promoting Spanish goats.

  • We will be applying for grants to help promote Spanish goats.

Board of Directors, Policies, Procedures and Bylaws?

  • There are nine breeders volunteering their time to come together as a board to put the bylaws, policies and procedures in place.

  • We are all breeders and had hoped to avoid this direction for Spanish goats. However, we have come to the conclusion that it is going to happen and we want to make sure the DNA is verified as Spanish. We have the commitment and passion to ensure the results are clear and in integrity.

  • None of us want this to be complicated, difficult or expensive.

  • We all value and treasure the diversity of the Spanish goat.

  • We will update you as soon as possible on the this, and give you a voice.

~ Mission ~

 ~ Policies ~ Procedures ~

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