DNA Registration

Paper written by Dr. Phil Sponenberg and Donna Askew ~ 

Spanish Goat Registry (SGR) DNA Registration Guidelines


The purpose of the SGR DNA Registry is to create a DNA database of Spanish goat genetics by bloodline and individual herds across the United States. The DNA Registry does not ensure the quality of the goat being Registered or the breeder registering the goat.


Requirements for DNA Registration

  • Completed Breeder/Herd Application

  • Goat bred by a verified breeder

  • Goat verified through bill of sale, ear tag, and photo

  • Completed DNA Spreadsheet

  • Purchase of DNA Kits

  • Registration and Breeder fees paid in full prior to sample submission

  • Full side view photo of goat to SGR

  • 50 tail hairs to SGR in purchased DNA Kits

  • Insertion of provided Microchip

SGR Registration Fees of Individual Goats:

  • DNA Registration Fee for a single Goat -- $45

  • $20 Shipping and Handling per Package Sent (regardless of number of kits)

  • Annual Breeder Fee -- $30


SGR Registration Fees for SGR Certified Breeder:

  • DNA Registration for 5 Females and 1 male -- $270

  • Shipping of Kits: $20

  • Includes Hard Copy Individual DNA Certificates and Breeder Certificate


SGR DNA Registry Supplies & Documents:

  • 6 DNA Kits Shipped: $45 (saves on shipping of future registrations)

  • 20 DNA Kits Shipped: $120

  • SGR Duplicate Certified Breeder Certificate - Hard Copy Mailed - $8

  • Duplicate individual Goat DNA Certificate - Hard Copy Mailed: - $8

  • Owner Transfer of DNA Registration Certificate - Hard Copy Mailed: - $15

  • Semen / Embryo Certificate - Hard Copy $5 each + $8 Mailing


SGR Payment and Shipping of Samples

  • Samples will be shipped upon receipt of payment. Payment can be made by mailed check or PayPal. 

  • Us provided DNA kits and completed the DNA Spreadsheet and mail to the provided address.


Steps to SGR DNA Registration

  • SGR Breeder/Herd ID if not a Verified Listed Breeder (fill Breeder/Herd ID Application on website). 

  • If a Verified Breeder please fill out a DNA Spreadsheet. Can be found on SGR Website.

  • Please send copies of Bill of Sales/Verification purchase documentation, and a copy of the goats purchased. 

  • SGR will review your information and send you a confirmation along with your Herd ID and DNA Spreadsheet.

  • Complete the DNA Registration Spreadsheet.

  • SGR will review your DNA Registration Spreadsheet.

  • Once the DNA Registration Spreadsheet is complete SGR will send an invoice.

  • Send photos of the goats being Registered - these do not have to be the official full side view photos for certificates, but enough to indicate color and ID the goat.

  • Once the Invoice is paid and the photos are received the kits and instructions will be mailed.

  • Photograph the goat for a Registration Certificate when the goat is in best body condition.

  • Once we have received a full side view “Certificate photo” we will issue individual goat DNA Registration Certificates.


Offspring of DNA Registered Stock

  • When DNA Registering offspring of DNA Registered goats, make sure to list the dam and/or sire DNA Registration number.

  • All DNA Registration steps are the same.

  • Goats whose Dam and Sire are DNA Registered will receive a Gold Certificate.

  • Goats whose Sire is DNA Registered Gold (But Dam is not registered) will receive a Silver Certificate.

  • Goats whose Dam and Sire are not registered will receive a Bronze Certificate.


SGR DNA Registration Classifications:

  • Bronze -- Goat Dam and Sire are not DNA Registered

  • Silver -- Goat Sire is Gold Registered

  • Gold -- Goat Dam and Sire are DNA Registered


SGR Certified Spanish Breeder

  • SGR Certified Spanish Breeder Certificates are issued to those breeders who choose to submit  5 verified female DNA samples and 1 verified male DNA sample .

  • SGR Gold Certified Spanish Breeder Certificate -- all six goats are DNA Registered with Gold Certificates (Dam and Sire of all goats listed on Breeder Certificate are DNA Registered).

  • Once a member has a total of five female and 1 male individual goat DNA Registration on file with SGR, a member may purchase an SGR Certified Breeder Certificate for $10 if the Certification process was not done all at once.


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