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Dear Friend of Spanish Goat Conservation Society,

We are a not for profit society of Spanish goat producers coming together to promote Spanish goats as a viable and sustainable meat goat while at the same preserving and promoting the diverse genetic gene pool of the Heritage Breed Spanish Goat that is now on the Conservation Watch List. We are breeders trusting breeders to Verify and maintain a source of Spanish genetics, and to establish and manage a DNA Registry of Spanish Goats for those who choose to participate.
We are proud to ensure the most efficient and hardy goat in the United States of America.

We appreciate your time in reviewing our financial needs while you consider becoming a Founding Member or Donor.

SGCS Startup & First Budget

Domains - Purchasing Several Versions -                                                $   150

Website Hosting - 1 Year Service -                                                            $   250

Programmer - Start Up Assistance -                                                         $1,000

Software - Pedigree/Data Bank -                                                               $2,500

Hard Ware - Printer, Manage & Store Data -                                           $1,000

Initial Mailing - First Launch Letter -                                                         $   500

Cost of doing business - envelopes, paper, ink postage                      $1,150

501C5 - Filing Fees -                                                                                     $  500

Stat Up Total                                                                                       $7,050

Annual Operating Budget:

Domains - Maintaining ownership             $   100                      

Website Hosting                                            $   300

Cost of Doing Business                                $   775             

Bookkeeper Fees                                          $   500

Promotion                                                     $1,000

Total Annual Budget                $2,675

DNA Registry Costs are Covered by Registry Fees

We will gratefully appreciate any and all donations you are moved to give. However, we are proposing to bring this to our breeders as inexpensively as possible, so therefore we need altruistic support. Please be assured that your contribution will be tax deductible once our paperwork is completed ... please be patient.


 Spanish Goat Conservation Society Founding Memberships

Lifetime Annual Membership included.

Bronze                                       $300

Silver                                          $500

Gold                                           $750

Platinum                                   $1,000

Conservationist                       $1,250


Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you in achieving our goals!

All Donations and Founding Memberships will be listed on our Breeder List.


450 Fire Tower Road

Abbeville, SC 29620

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