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DNA Registered Pure Spanish Goat List

Spanish Goat Registry

This is a comprehensive list of our

SGR DNA Registered Pure Spanish Goats.


  • Each goat on this DNA Registration List has been verified Pure Spanish Bred.

  • We do our best to track back to the original breeder based on Scrapie Tags and/or Bill of Sale, and Transport paperwork.

  • Due to the relationship with some of the breeders, we used photos and videos to verify some of the goats, and their ID is based on unknown breeder origin. 

  • To receive an SGR Certified Spanish Breeder Certificate, SGR requires DNA Registration of  five Females and 1 male Spanish Goat.

Each goat's certificate will show:

  • Registration Name - First name is the Breeder, Middle Name is Goat, Initials are the Bloodline

  • Registration Number - The First set of Numbers are the Breeder/Herd ID of the Breeder 

  • Breeder - The actual breeder of the Goat

  • Date of Birth - Actual date of birth or year of birth

  • Sex

  • Bloodline - Goat are listed as Pure Spanish Goat (PSG) unless the bloodline can be verified

  • Microchip - Assigned by Spanish Goat Registry

  • Ear Tag - Inserted by the Breeder -- Should be Scrapie Tag

  • Type of Birth -- Natural / AI / Embryo

  • Breeder of Sire

  • Sire Registration

  • Breeder of Dam

  • Dam Registration

  • Owner

  • Classification of SGR DNA Registration

    • Bronze - neither parent has been DNA Registered

    • Silver - Sire has been GOLD DNA Registered (Dam and Sire are DNA Registered)

    • Gold - Dam and Sire are DNA Registered


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