DNA Registered and SGCS Certified Spanish Goats

Spanish Goat Conservation Society

is offering a DNA Registry for our verified Spanish goats.

Breeders are not required to DNA Register

their goats in order to be members of SGCS.

This is a comprehensive list of our

DNA Registered and SGCS Certified Spanish Goats.


 Each goat on this DNA Registration List has been verified Spanish Bred. We do our best to track back to the original breeder based on Scrapie Tags and/or Bill of Sale, and Transport paperwork. Due to the relationship with some of the breeders, we used photos and videos to verify some of the goats, and their ID is based on unknown breeder origin.  DNA Registration is not required and there is no minimum or maximum number of verified goats SGCS will register. However, in order to receive an SGCS Certified Herd Certificate ,SGCS requires 5 breeding nannies, and 1 breeding billy DNA Registration.

Each goat's certificate will show the goat's bloodline, dam and sire information (bloodline and registration), breeder, owner, registration number, microchip number, and a photo of the goat. The goat's Registration Number is based on the Breeder ID of the goat's breeder. The bloodline of the goat is included in the Registration name. If the goat is a combination of two bloodlines, then the sire bloodline is on the left. If a dam or sire is a combination of two or more bloodlines, it will be considered a Pure Spanish Goat on the offspring registration. The goat's certificate will give more parentage information.

SGCS breeders who are selling goats to be DNA Registered will  provide an SGCS Bill of Sale and tail hairs to SGCS at the time of sale for those goats they  have  agreed to sell for DNA Registration. Goats that are purchased without the benefit of an SGCS Bill of Sale will be considered on a case by case basis.


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