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Spanish Goat Conservation Society is committed to safeguarding the genetic diversity of Spanish goats.

We believe we have come to the crossroads of the need for verifying, tracking, registering, DNA collection, and certification.


The Issues We Encounter:

  • Commercial meat producers buy large quantities of does and cross them with meatier breeds for the optimum meat goat.

  • The more expensive breeds use the less expensive Spanish does as recipes due to their excellent mothering and milk production.

  • Confusing Spanish with goats "born in Texas."

  • Confusing the labels "brush and brier" goats for Spanish goats.

  • Large number of percentage Spanish goats are being bought and sold as Spanish breeding stock.

  • Buyers are gong to sale barns and auction houses buying "Spanish Culls" and selling them as  breeding stock, using the name of the culling ranch to validate the goats.

  • Management practices that are essential for other breeds are pushing out the genetic diversity of the Spanish goat.

  • Unfortunately the most alarming and serious issue is Spanish breeders who purchase non-verified "Spanish Looking" goats and breed them into their existing Spanish herds. 


The Solution:

After much discussion and thoughtful contemplation, we have come to the conclusion that we need some policies and procedures that we all participate in and cooperate with to ensure that when we say "Spanish," it means something and we can prove it.

Breeder/Herd Application

This Application is for SGCS Breeder Membership.  Breeders have a choice of becoming a VERIFIED or CERTIFIED Spanish Herd. Verified Spanish herds have been traced back to Foundation Ranches. Certified  Spanish herds have been verified and have 5 doe and 1 buck DNA Registration on file.

  • This application gives us the information we need to verify Spanish goat herds.

  • This application records data  to help us Verify and track breeders and goats.

  • This data is also vital to our Annual Spanish Goat Count.


Steps to SGCS Membership:

1. Application:

    Fill the Google Form Breeder/Herd ID Application or Download the PDF Application.

    The Google Form will go directly to SGCS excel spreadsheet. If you download, print, and fill the application

    you can either scan or photo text the application back to us.

    or photographed and texted to SGCS (Bouttons to Application below).

2. Verification Documentation:

    Email at least one of the following: bill of sales, transport papers, seller emails, or canceled checks

    for your Spanish goat purchases, contact SGCS if you have none of these.

3. Management Description Paragraph:

    Email a paragraph based on feeding, breeding, kidding, vaccines, shelters, and de-worming, fencing and

    guardians  of your Spanish goats. 

4. Herd Photo:

    Email a herd photo - give it your best shot, this will be linked to your breeder listing.

5. Once you submit the application you will be contacted via email by the SGCS Admin who will

    issue a Breeder/Herd ID, an invoice for $30 membership dues, and required content bill of sale template.

6. Payment of Membership Dues:

     Write a check in the amount of $30 payable to SGCS for your membership dues.

     PO BOX 1578, Flat Rock, NC 28731.

                   If you have a PayPal account then add $1.20 and click on:



DNA Registration Application

This application is for the purpose of collecting necessary data to register individual verified Spanish goats and CERTIFY Spanish herds.

Requirements for SGCS DNA Registration:

  • Completed SGCS Membership Application and membership dues paid in full.

  • SGCS Verification of all goats being registered (verification documentation on file), ear tag (not required), Bloodline, DOB, Breeder of goat being registered, Dam and Sire Breeder and Bloodline (If dam and sire are registered then we need the registration numbers). If you do not have this information then we can work with the selling breeder -- but if you have not bought the goats, please ask for this information.

  • Full side view photo of the goat which will be on the DNA Registration Certificate.

  • 50 Tail hairs with roots in provided DNA Kits x2 -- one for UC Davis Lab testing and one for SGCS files.

  • $45 fee per goat for Registration. Fee Includes: sample kits, testing with UC Davis, required provided microchip, Certificate fee, and all instructions and shipping packaging.

  • $20 Shipping and handling of kits and paperwork regardless of the number of kits being mailed.


Steps to DNA Registration:

  1. Go to website and fill Google Form DNA Registration Application or Download PDF DNA Spreadsheet Template. Google Forms comes to SGCS, PDF will need to be scanned and emailed or photographed and texted to SGCS.

  2. If you have questions we can work together to fill the information for your goats to be registered.

  3. We will send a copy of the complete spreadsheet with an invoice.

  4. Once the invoice is paid we will ship your DNA kits with complete instructions.

  5. You will pull tail hairs and insert them into the provided envelopes, insert the microchips and take a posed full side view photo of the goat.

  6. You will ship the tail hairs in the provided packaging to UC Davis and SGCS as well as email the photographs.

  7. Once the results are received we will create an SGCS DNA Certificate and upload it to the Website, Facebook and mail a hard copy.


Spanish Goat Conservation Society Certified Spanish Herd Certificate:

In order to receive an SGCS Certified Herd Certificate breeder must have 5 DNA registered does and 1 DNA Registered billy. $290 covers all fees for registration of 6 goats.


Members Registering Offspring of Registered Goats:

Follow the same steps.

Benefits of Herd and Goat Registration:​

  • ​SGCS will be able to track the origins and movements of the Breeding stock of  Spanish goats and ensure the genetic diversity.

  • Prospective buyers can be assured they are purchasing Spanish goats.

  • From the Goat List: photos, certificates, pedigrees and DNA results may be viewed.

  • Registered goats for sale page.  

SGCS will post a separate For Sale page for Registered Spanish goats.

We invite you to fill out an application, and

start the process of getting you and your goats listed!

Spanish Goat Conservation Society Membership

Benefits of Spanish Goat Conservation Society Membership:

  • Your Ranch/Farm is listed on our Breeder List, and your listing is linked to a personal farm page.

  • An unlimited number of your Spanish goats and photos may be listed on your Farm page.

  • Photos, pedigrees, DNA records, and Certificates may be viewed of Registered goats.

  • For Sale Listing of all SGCS member goats and links to dam, sire, offspring and registration certificates.

  • Breeder List - able to view photo of herd and a paragraph describing management practices, photos of goats and data on registered goats.

Benefits of SGCS DNA Registration:

  • Each goat that is SGCS DNA Registered has been meticulously verified and traced back to Foundation origins.

  • Buyers have the added confidence when purchasing a DNA Registered goat and/or offspring of DNA Registered goats.

  • DNA Registration supports the efforts of SGCS to safeguard and track Spanish goat genetics.

Benefits of SGCS Certified Spanish Herd:

  • SGCS Certified Spanish Herds require 5 doe DNA Registrations and 1 buck DNA Registration. These six goats are seed stock and are the basis of building pedigree for our breeders.

  • Buyers have a greater confidence when purchasing goats from Certified Herds.

  • Collecting 6 DNA Samples from each breeder gives us a wider and more accurate representation of the Spanish goat genetics around the country.

Founding Members -- We need your support for our operating and promotional costs:

Founding members receive a lifetime membership, and are listed on Breeder List!​

  • Bronze                    $300

  • Silver                       $500

  • Gold                        $750

  • Platinum                $1,000

  • Conservationist   $1,250


Current SGCS Board Members:

The current Executive Board:

Dr. Phil Sponenberg, President ~ Joe Neely, Industry Representative ~ Donna Askew ~ Treasurer/Secretary.

The 6 member Advisory Board:

Len Weinheimer ~ Yvonne Zweede-Tucker ~ Laura Smith ~ Dr. Richard Browning ~ Sherry Savage Stivender

and Jared Combs.

We have created SGCS as a 501C5 Not for Profit Society. 

We welcome any and all donations!


PO Box 1578
Flat Rock, NC 28731

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