Spanish Goat Conservation Society does not require breeder members to DNA register their Spanish goats. The DNA Registry is being offered to our breeder members in order to support the SGCS Mission of safeguarding the treasured

genetics of Spanish goats. DNA Registration is offered to those Spanish goats that can be traced to foundation herds. 

In addition to the SGCS DNA Registry, a private Spanish genetic marker study is being done in cooperation with the UC Davis Veterinary Laboratory. We are still awaiting those results.

Steps to DNA Registration:


1. Submit Breeder/Herd ID Application (Google Form link --delivered to SGCS email).

     SGCS Registrar will contact you when your application is received.

    Download Printable Breeder/Herd ID Application and scan/email or photograph/text to SGCS.

2. Submit $30 SGCS Membership Dues.

     Payable to: SGCS, $30, PO BOX 1578, Flat Rock, NC 28791-1578

3. Submit Goat Data for Registration (2 choices).

     1-- Fill Goat Application (Goat Google Form link -- delivered to SGCS email).

      2-- Download PDF: DNA Spreadsheet Template.

           Email or text -- scan or photograph of filled DNA Spreadsheet to SGCS.


4. Pay Invoice and receive DNA Kits.

      Invoice will be emailed  once data is complete. 

       DNA Kits include:

       two sets of envelopes for tail hair samples (UC Davis Lab & SGCS Records), microchips,

       instructions, and addressed mailing envelopes.

6. Collect & submit DNA to UC Davis & SGCS.

       Collect tail hairs, microchip goat, take  & email/text full side view photo of goat, and ship samples.

7.  DNA Certificates will be issued when UC Davis results are received.


8. SGCS Spanish Herd Certificate

     5 nanny and 1 billy DNA registrations from your breeding stock is required.

DNA Registration Fees:

  Each goat DNA registration is $40

      UC Davis Marker $30

      SGCS DNA Registration Certificate $7

      Microchips $3

      Shipping and Handling $20


     1 goat $40 (per goat) + $20 (Shipping & Handling) = $60

     6 goats (5 nannies and 1 billy) $240 + $20 = $260


PO Box 1578
Flat Rock, NC 28731

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